Nester Sinaga was born in Sidilkalang in 1970. He graduated from IKIP Medan or now known as Medan State University and began his career at the Ancol Pasar Seni Community in 1997. Nester decide to leave the community in 2007 and subsequently, started his own studio in the Bogor area.

Nester Sinaga has intense emotions and feelings towards Indonesian politics, the social injustices in the country and the destruction of the environment. These feelings therefore, become his primary source of artistic inspirations. From his art, you can easily feel the actions and emotions, often presented in vivid colors, that filled his art pieces. Take for example his painting the “Black Campaign”. Nester created a Satan like figure, dressed in red, that keep propagating empty promises to everyone before the election. It can be seen that the politician speech often fascinates many of his supporters and create a false hope for improvement in the community.

Nester Sinaga is also a faithful and religious person at heart. Hence, many of his art work are serene painting showing the love of God towards mankind. In those painting, you will notice a different Nester. In contrast to his other style of painting, now the color used became subtle and smooth flowing. Thereby, expressing the tender loving care of God.

Nester artworks are being curated for a few regional art museums and also collected in Switzerland, Singapore and Indonesia.