About Munadi Hp

Munadi Hp paints a unique subject with a special painting technique developed by himself. His work is peaceful, energetic and full of hopes for a better world. He uses bright and refreshing color combination to express his idea and hopes for the world.

Munadi says that when he mediates, he can see Buddha coming to him. This peaceful encounter therefore becomes his subject of artistic creation that he translates onto Chinese rice paper using water color. Another favor subject is his pet roosters. You will see them populating a lot of his art work.

“In my opinion, Munadi HP is one of the strongest artists in Jakarta. I start noticing and admiring him since the 1990s. Likewise, the same sentiment is the same among some of the top home-grown artists from Indonesia. To us, Munadi’s work is very unique, personal and cool.

Galeri Cemeti exhibited Munadi’s work twice. (If I remember correctly). As a matter of fact, it's not easy to be able to exhibit at Galeri Cemeti, they are very selective! As we know, Galeri Cemeti is one of the pioneers or pioneers of contemporary art galleries (some even call it the first or the forerunner). Followed by others like C-Line Gallery and several others.

Back in the 90s, Munadi’s art was non- mainstream and to most people, they were strange. But to some of us, it was unique and different. During that time, many artists appreciated his work, some of them become famous artists such as Eddie Hara, Nindityo, Mella etc. Art observer and famous curator Jim Supangkat also shared the same observations and assessments as others.

Munadi Hp is an asset to Jakarta. In my opinion, the National Gallery of Indonesia should exhibit some of Munadi’s works. Most noteworthy, throughout Munadi’s 30 years of creating, he has proved himself as an artist who has an extraordinary personality. Certainly, he deserves the appreciation of the award as one of the artists who boasts Indonesian art.”

Greetings William Robert