About Jange Rae

Jange Rae whose maiden name is Evi Muheriyawan, is a self-taught artist. As an autodidact, he experimented with different techniques and participated in multiple exhibitions as a way to upgrade his competency.

In his search for a stylistic identity, he started delving into naïve and surrealistic themes. Later he transitioned to a detail of photo realistic and hyper realistic techniques before finding a style of his own.

Jange Rae was influenced by factors such as the country’s condition, economy, religion, among others. In addition, the inner angst about how he felt about all these issues, the rebellion towards social political norms and culture became a driving force in his practice. These elements were what defined his personal style, now translated in his latest creations.

But after some time, Jange got tired of the realistic style and conventional fine art forms. He felt saturated with any form of art that was defined by traditional aesthetics and beauty.

That is when he discovered street art, which he believed to be the resurrection and rebirth of the art of drawing. Started on cave walls by primitive people, the art of drawing depicted quotidian events, rudimentary symbols and early signs of a written language.

Jange felt that there was similarity between these early forms of art and street arts, as they are both trying to leave a message and create their own symbols. For him, this form of low art is raw and appealing, as it is freed from conventional and norm that goes beyond outsider art even though many do not consider it an art form.

“I personally believe that this is art, this is pure, this is culture and evolution. I don’t ask other people to agree with my opinion. But after going through all these processes to find what I like, I feel at ease and comfortable.

Somehow, it’s like an asylum for the mental patients. Although I am not a street activist, my soul is there with them. We talk about the same things but in different territories. They create their art in the city walls while I fill up the galleries and auction walls. However, the essence is all the same, create a work that is honest. Then decide whether or not it is considered a work of art.

There is in fact an entity that determines and decides on a work of art. Whether it is the academy or an art gallery. But as artists, as street creators, we are a group with a community that can determine if this is in fact a work of art. To me, art and artworks have a message. The space and the technique are just mediums to achieve this.”

- Jange Rae