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About Gatot Widodo

Gatot Widodo is one of the favorite artist in the Gallery. We think that he has great potential. Gatot was born in 1968 in East Java, Indonesia and graduated from the famous Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta (ISI) in 1988.

Gatot painting style is always evolving, likewise his media for expression. For these reasons, collecting his art works bring about another dimension of excitement. Especially when you trace through his different stages of creation. Recently, he incorporates Batik into his mixed media painting. The beautifully dyed fabrics send an explosion of colors and pattern into his new works.

Gatot Widodo lives in Jakarta. He likes to paint feminine figuring. For example, his beloved mother, Indonesia dancers and figures of the Javanese puppets shadow show, Wayang Kulit. Another subject that he likes to paint is elephants. According to him, Elephant represent himself, because it is big, powerful, strong and at the same time wise and loyal. Hence, you will see elephants appearing at various places in some of this master pieces.

In 1999, Gatot held his first solo exhibition “Not so big, but there is lots to see” in Bali. Since then, his work has been exhibited and collected in Indonesia, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong.