About Abo Gallery

“What is a good name for a gallery” I asked my two years old girl.

“AaaaBOoo!” she replied……consequently this is the beginning of Abo gallery and it has become a place that I document and share my collection of South East Asia art with everyone.

Abo Gallery is a virtual gallery. We have no permanent showroom, no overheads and no worries. Sometimes, you will see our painting decorating walls of boutique hotels and furniture mall. Other times, they are accompanying us at home. All the art pieces are here because we love them. However, our collection is ever-growing and space is always a constraint. For this reason, we will need to relinquish some pieces before we can add new item.

Abo Gallery is also a place that supports the work of aspiring artist because we like to connect to their spirit of daring expression. We like to see how artists progress through the years. The innovative and rejuvenating energy that they put into their art. After all, joyful art pieces are the connection to the higher dimensions. A place where the soul can be nurture and be merry.

We particularly like Indonesian artists and the way they interpret the world around them. Their works are often colorful, filled with emotion varnished with a thin layer of humor and sarcasm. That is uniquely Indonesia, besides being a vast country, it is also a melting pot of many cultures.

Our website is easy, only a few tabs, filled with many colorful pictures and very easy to navigate. Please enjoy yourself looking at the art works. If you need any information or like to purchase any piece, we are glad to share and help.

Cheers!!! ….. and most importantly, we hope that you will have a great time at Abo gallery.